Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Passion to Run: Where to find it?

In my experiences writing for the blog Runners Running one thing has become apparent. Their is a very strong community amongst runners. The answer to this pretty easy. Pretty much anyone of any age, granted their able, can go run. However, the bigger question is what gives people the passion to run? Where do people find the sustainability to finish a race?

The answer lies in the fact that we are human beings that have had experiences that have impacted our life in one way or another. Our human element is showen through the wearing of Lance Armstrong wristband or any other wristband that represents a emotionally driven cause. Motivation most likely lies at  the heart of it all. Watching other human beings experience the defeat of cancer is certainly a way to motivate people to run. Seeing Lance Armstrong overcome cancer is certainly a human triumph story. This displays the rewards that come with running.

Have you found your cause? Lance Armstrong has.

Keep Running!